Posted On: July 15, 2010
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Director: Matt Reeves
Year: 2008

Everyone kept telling me to watch this as the previews and marketing didn’t do it justice. And I must say, it was very entertaining, once you got past the crazy shaky handicam.

I love New York films and this doesn’t disappoint. The love story within it, the premise of the kids and the destruction of New York were all great. The problem I had was with the acting, especially the asshole friend holding the video camera. Not only did the entire cast lack emotion when terrible things happened to their friends, but they were also quite indifferent to the entire events.

Plus, this film could have ended about six different times. The first time, I thought it could have been a decent film. But then it didn’t end. And then it just kept getting even more ridiculous and it just refused to end. Which was just too unfortunate.

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